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Address: Beržų g. 4, Plungė, Lithuania

About us

In our company works people who have extensive experience in the manufacture of doors and stairs. Their experience will help you choose the best option that will suit your home design and production to guarantee durability and comfort. Our goal - flawless and quality ware. Stairs and doors are an important part of interior. Production methods are changing, so we try to offer state of art designs which suits home and office interior.

Our company manufactures and assembles a wide variety of sizes and shapes of the stairs to your preferences. We are able to design, manufacture and assemble straight, single or multiple twisted stairs. In addition, we are working with smiths, so we can produce a staircase with a metal frame. For stairs we can put a fence and for the stairs hole we put plank framing. Stairs are made of wood, and for their design we use as well as glass and metal.

Interior and exterior doors are manufactured in various designs according to customer’s requirements. The door leaf consists of frames, architraves, locks, hinges and hinge cups. The doors are made from wood and can be glazed. Wooden doors are manufactured with or without overlap, in addition it has integrated door gasket. Door frames are made in accordance with the thickness of the walls.

Stairs and doors we treat with mordant, paint and lacquer by your choice. Doors and stairs price depends of their design.

Our work examples are shown in the gallery.

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